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    Step into the shoes of an interstellar admiral in just a few minutes and enter a combat zone in which frigates and battleship compete tirelessly under your command for supremacy over the known universe. A complete and easy battle game system with high replay value. Fleet Commander is a space battle game for two players. Each player controls a fleet of 7...

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    Fleet Commander 2 – Beyond the Gate is the first expansion for the Fleet Commander: Ignition board game. Fleet Commander 2 – Beyond the Gate introduces Cruisers, a new class 3 vessel with better shield abilities, new special weapons for battleships and all what you need to build battles for 4 players or more.Now you can choose your vessels to compose...

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  • Deep Space is a rubber game mat 60 × 60 cm with the classic checkerboard 5 by 5 squares, accompanied by six blue dice. This is an upgrade to increase the gaming experience with replacement material. The mat can be folded into the box smoothly and remains flawless to receive the miniatures. Its soft surface makes it particularly suitable and pleasant for...

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    Playmat für Fleet Commander

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    Welcome to Noxford, a timeless city in perpetual construction that extends continuously following the rhythm of the gears that hold it. Each player leads a crime syndicate and will rely on his lieutenants and henchmen to become the most influential around rich districts of the city.Set in a Steampunk universe, NOXFORD gives you the opportunity...

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    Siggils are magical seals where spirits are locked. The players must untie a Siggil and capture the spirits that are escaping! Siggil is a card game that contains seven families of seven cards numbered 1 to 7 and seven unique spirits cards, each associated with a family and a number.All cards are thoroughly shuffled, including spirits, then placed...

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    The 20’s, Prohibition and its famous Speakeasies. With your clan of gangsters will you succed in finding your opponent’s speakeasy before he finds yours? A good poker face, courage and a bit of luck should help. Secretly send your goons on the city streets to scare away your opponent’s gangsters. But beware of Agents and Babes that will drive away even...

    23,90 €
Zeige 1 - 7 von 7 Artikeln