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Artikel des Herstellers: Ninja Division

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    Recruit and equip your gang to whack the other guys mooks with a comical and wide array of weapons, disguises, and getaway vehicles. Deadfellas is a fast playing card game where players take on the role of zombie mafia bosses

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    Welcome to the halls of the elemental shrine, we train ninja. Here you will learn to hone your skills as a ninja with the deadly hand to hand combat arts of Karate. You will learn how to defend yourself, how to strike, and how to move with the speed of thought.Karate Fight is a speed matching card game in the tradition of classic games such as Slapjack,...

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    Ninja All-Stars is the fast paced player-versus-player (PVP) miniatures game where players pit their team of chibi-style anime ninja and ronin against each other, in hopes of winning the Moonlight Tournament. While ninja are capable of creating a variety of combos, in-game effects, and awesomely powerful ninja-KO-action, for the sake of the demo we will...

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    Kreiert das schönste Korallenriff! Sammelt verschiedenfarbige Korallen und lasst sie in bestimmten Anordnungen wachsen, um Punkte zu verdienen. Was in der Natur Jahrtausende dauert, schafft ihr in weniger als einer Stunde. Dabei entsteht in jeder Partie von Reef ein neues, dreidimensionales Riff auf eurem Spielbrett.

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Zeige 1 - 4 von 4 Artikeln