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    A trick-taking board game for 2-6 players. Hack the system and steal the data before anyone knows you’re there! Black Hat has been tested with a very wide variety of players, ranging from 7 years old to 70+ years old.Games take about 45 minutes, allowing several games per night.  Information wants to be free, but you charge by the hour...In...

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    In Phantom League, you are the captain of a merchant spaceship. You begin as a nobody with a hunger for recognition and glory that will soon lead you onto a path of fame or notoriety! Build your career through trading, piracy, exploring new systems and eliminating your rivals in the other Leagues – phantom alliances powerful enough to challenge law and...

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    Mostly Harmless is the first expansion for "The Phantom League", releases in Essen 2011.This expansion will include new cards for pretty much every deck (docking, improvement, battle, captain, mission, ship and hyperspace). The new cards will extend the game play of the base game and differentiate more between the path of fame and notoriety.Mostly...

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    The second expansion of Phantom League brings two separete major OPTIONAL things:Battle rules, which would change the battle system radicallyGalactic Balance, missions have now larger effect than just RecognitionandSurface Missions, which is another way to gather Recognition (and affect Galactic Balance)Aim is to make the immersion to the world of Phantom...

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    In fantasy board game, the Zanziar, mighty heroes roam the lands of Zanziar to regain their throne of power. The charismatic heroes guide their allied adventurers and armies through battles, adventures and events to the victory: the domination of the lands of the Zanziar.Up to six players take the roles of these heroes and the battle for domination of...

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