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Artikel des Herstellers: Game Salute

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  • 35,90 € lagernd

    A quick playing card game for two where Bigfoot and the clever Cryptozoologist attempt to outwit each other! Will Bigfoot's hideaways be discovered, leaving him with nowhere to go, or will the Cryptozoologist be left frustrated? This new game from up and coming designer Scott Almes is the ultimate battle of wits! Depending on what side you're on, you'll...

    35,90 €
  • 34,90 € lagernd

    A murder has been committed in the Victorian steampunk city of St. Sebastian. You have made the short list of police suspects and the only way to retain your freedom is to prove that one of the others on the list is in fact the murderous culprit. Players take turns making Accusations against the other players by placing Method, Motive, or Opportunity...

    34,90 €
  • 32,90 € lagernd

    The Great Snowball Battle is a card game for 2-6 players. Throw a snowball, run for cover, or use an item. Get hit, lose winter gear. No gear lift? Then Mom calls you into the house. (Loser.) ...Of course, there are also snowplows and iceballs, a grouchy neighbor and a catcher's mitt. Use your little brother as a shield. Keep away from your tattling...

    32,90 €
Zeige 1 - 3 von 3 Artikeln