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Neu Malifaux Gremlins Lucky Effigy Vergrößern

Malifaux Gremlins Lucky Effigy


Neuer Artikel

As one of Zoraida's better concoctions, the Gremlin Lucky Effigy lends good fortune and durability to any opportunistic hero of the Bayou it chooses to champion. It is a ramshackle, clunky thing; a manifestation of the very best in shambolic Gremlin construction – and yet it has a surprising resilience that might take some by surprise.

When cornered, it can fight well enough with a cruel-edged Crusty Blade that can open hideous wounds, but its true calling is spreading serendipity and luck among its green kin.

Its presence in any arena spells a change in the winds of Fortune for the Gremlin bold enough to make a ham-fisted snatch at glory, and any Master with wisdom enough to see its potential (stranger things have happened) will feel the benefit of having the Lucky Effigy in their corner.

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  • Models are made of plastic.
  • 32mm ‘heroic’ scale.
  • Contents:
    • 1 x Lucky Effigy Figure
    • 1 x Stat Card


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